Hindsight (2014)

for solo tuba and live electronic processing

Because we are self-aware creatures, we also have the capacity to stand back from our immediate existence and reflect upon our past decisions and actions. It is only in hindsight that the true nature and effect of the paths we have chosen are revealed to us. In this way, we are able to see the most favorable choices that we can make in any given situation, however only after the results of our decisions, from the frivolous to the most significant, are permanently etched into our histories, for better or worse. Whether or not we approve of the outcome, there is nothing that can change it, so it must be accepted, despite any difficulty or pain there may be in doing so.

Beth McDonald, Tuba
Ariane Miyasaki, Electronics

This track was made on January 5, 2014, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ian Battenfield Headley. It is available for purchase on Beth's CD "Still" at



Disengaged (2013)

for chamber ensemble and stereo fixed media.

Recorded at Vermont College of Fine Arts in August 2013 as partial fulfillment of the MFA in Music Composition requirements. Inspired by psychologist Stanley Milgram's research regarding obedience to perceived authority.

Paul Gambil, Conductor
Ken Thomson, Bass Clarinet
Cornelius Dufallo, Violin
Yves Dharamraj, Violoncello
Stephen Gosling, Piano
David Cossin, Drum Set
Ariane Miyasaki, Electronics


they said (2013)

for percussion trio and stereo fixed media.

Mike Williams, Percussion
Jeffrey Means, Percussion
Aaron Trant, Percussion
Ariane Miyasaki, Electronics


she said (2013)

for hand bells and stereo fixed media

Casey McClellan, Handbells
Ariane Miyasaki, Electronics


121AU (2012)

for string quartet and live electronic processing

Ethan Wood, Violin
Jesse Irons, Violin
Emily Rome, Viola
Michael Unterman, Cello


Run Fall Run (2012)

Fixed media


The House My Grandfather Built (2012)

for violin, percussion, and stereo fixed media

Ethan Wood, Violin
Jeffrey Means, Percussion


Roboterinner Lied (2008/12)

stereo fixed media